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Quayn Portal

Quayn is an online assessment portal for schools, educational institutions, examination centres, training centres and other institutions that take, or want to take, online assessments. The portal has facilities for preparing, taking and analysing assessments with a wide variety of itemtypes, and is continuously being enhanced with new features. We have a flexible licensing system: you can obtain licenses for some or all of the portal modules. Quayn can be connected to your LMS via a tailor made solution.
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Quayn Customers

Our customers are companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, primary and secondary schools, publishers, training centres and more. We have a history of more than 20 years, guiding teachers, publishers and school managers in the field of digital content and assessments.
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Quayn Mobile

An iPad  version of the Quayn Mobile app is already available in the app store. Use Quayn to make assessments available to students. Students can then take the assessments in a web browser, on a tablet. When using an iPad, the assessment is downloaded to the device. After downloading the assessment an internet connection is no longer needed until the student is finished. No need to worry  about bad wifi connections during the test.
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Quayn has an extensive, context-sensitive online Help.
If that does not answer your questions, you can contact our helpdesk via mail or phone.
We are known for our responsive Helpdesk.
We help you quickly and efficiently.

In addition, we provide Quayn courses in our training centre in Zuidhorn, the Netherlands.
Or you can take a webinar.
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